Halloween Info

Pumpkins at Johnson Farms in Eugene, Oregon

If you plan on walking to the pumpkin patch….

  • Weekends are very busy, we ask all non hayride visitors to park across  I-5 by crossing the overpass bridge on weekends .
  • There are no sling shots available for walk-in unless a special ticket is purchased for $7 at the field store only; a bucket of ammo and about 10 minutes of shooting is included.
  • There is parking for 200 cars.
  • There is a Field Store for purchasing snacks, drinks, candies, and U-Pick pumpkins.  It also includes a 30′ slide and some hay tunnels to play on ( free).
  • This area is designed for the easiest and closest loading of your pumpkin selection where you can pull up to the front of the store, or use our wheelbarrows to transport if you must park a bit further due to heavy traffic. You are welcome to drive up close to the store entrance if the pumpkins are heavy or you have purchased several and wish not to carry them.
  • If you want extra heavy types, 40#- 500# are available at the field store. Special  lower prices will be in effect for the behemoths. These range from $19.95 each to $135.00.
  • Huge ones over 100# require prior arrangements to pickup on a weekday for tractor loading in your transport vehicle.
  • Please refrain from walking under the freeway due to wagon traffic hazard and filling up the hayride parking lots.
  • You may use the free corn field trails for hide and seek, take some pictures, walk your dog, enjoy the farm and all the hubbub that comes with your visit to Johnson Farms.